These are my areas of practice:

  • IT &TLC Law, technology transfer, licensing, Free (open source) Software;
  • data protection, security, compliance;
  • antitrust, monopolization and unfair practices (in IT);
  • domain names, trademarks, copyright (in IT), open data, open content;
  • advocacy (lobbying);
  • standardization, open standards;
  • startup advice in the field of technology

I am basically not doing anything outside these fields, only for some selected clients I follow other matters, or in connection with instructions on the main field. Should my clients demand services in other areas, I am used to instruct outside counsel in whom I put my trust, and because I am so concentrated and focused, I have quite some experience in working with other counsels in other firms, from the smallest to the largest.

In the areas of concentration, similarly, I am helped by the lawyers at Array, a group of fine specialists in IT&TLC law, characterized by the recursive motto “Array is an array”.